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The Company was incorporated on 3 September 1999 under the name of Pte Ltd. On 5 January 2000, the Company was converted into a public limited company and changed its name to Ltd. On 12 December 2000, the Company changed its name to Ei-Nets Ltd. On 11 January 2008, the company changed its name to E3 Holdings Ltd.
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Ei-Learning Technology Pte Ltd (EiLT) is a wholly owned subsidiary of E3 Holdings Ltd, managing the education related businesses.

北京新亚研修学院-新加坡Beijing Xinya Yanxiu Xueyuan, Branch (Xinya Singapore)
Xinya Singapore is registered with the Ministry of Education, Singapore in 2006, with the full blessing of the Principal and Board of Directors of Xinya Beijing to run its courses for international students

Beijing Xinya Yanxiu Xueyuan (Xinya Beijing) Xinya Beijing is an Institute of higher learning established in 1995 with the approval of Ministry of Education Beijing, specialised in teaching Chinese as foreign (second) language.
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Beijing E3 Holdings Limited
(Beijing E3, formerly known as Beijing Ei-Nets Ltd) is a fully owned subsidiary of E3 Holdings Ltd (formerly known as Ei-Nets Ltd). E3 Holdings Ltd was accredited by the Chinese Beijing Technology Development Board, a Beijing Accreditation Authority, as a High Technology Corporation (Certificate Number: HZ1776 dated 13 Jun 2001) in 2001. Approval was then granted to E3 Holdings Ltd to set up a subsidiary known as Beijing E3.Beijing E3 was officially approved by the Chinese Ministry of Finance and granted the High Technology Foreign Corporation status with 100% Foreign Investment for 15 years with effect from 28 Apr 2001. Beijing E3 ‘s business scope includes: R & D, Training, Consultation, Manufacturing, Marketing, Information Technology (IT) Services which include IT Management, IT Marketing, Internet Technology, Web Design, e-commerce, e-training on various software and hardware products and services.Since then, Beijing E3 has collaborated with various IT Institutes all over China in R&D and Training. By 2007, Beijing E3 has established working relationship with a network of 260 Partner Institutes consisting of IT Institutes, Vocational Institutes, Institutes of Higher Learning all over China with 78,000 students. These 260 partners are collaborating with Beijing E3 to provide an education upgrading path for their 78,000 students and 300,000 alumni members in China.

通讯地址:新亚学院Beijing Xinya Yanxiu Xueyuan ( Branch ) 北京海淀区罗庄西里13号楼203室,邮编:100088
电话:(010)51295396,(010)82355830 传真:(010)51295396 E-MAIL: